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Track and control your energy consumptions

Download the free software JustConsum for monitoring energy consumptions.
The software proposes to track energy consumption about :
gas, electricity, water, or other (mileage counter, for example).
That is, any device that uses a consumption meter.
It is a dashboard allowing you to study your energy consumption data.
It helps to analyze these consumptions, to possibly act, in order to better master them.
The program allows to record, monitor, compare and analyze energy consumptions.

Features :

  • History
  • Sort the data according to different criteria
  • Calculations
  • Graphical data
  • Import and export of data

Works in :

  • Single workstation
  • In a local network
  • Or via the internet : through online storage and file sharing software (cloud storage), like DropBox for example, or equivalent.

More information :

  • Import already existing data ?
    • from a file of the type "* .xlsx" or "* .xls", ie built from Microsoft Excel (or equivalent, like OpenOffice or LibreOffice), to insert its data in one click in the software.

  • Export your data in other formats ?
    • PDF : for Adobe Acrobat Reader software.
    • Excel : for compatible software *.xls or *.xlsx, like Microsoft Excel, OpenOffice or LibreOffice.
    • XML : for standardized data formatting (for the web, or other software).

  • Supported operating systems ?
    • Windows (64 bits) : 11/10/8/7.
    • Linux (64 bits) : Debian 12/11/10, OpenSuse Leap 15.6/15.5/15.4, Ubuntu 24.04/22.04/20.04, Mint 21/20/19, Fedora 40/39/38, ElementaryOS 7/6, Mageia 9/8, OpenMandriva 5.0/ROME/4.3.

  • Languages supported by the software ?
    • English, Spanish, French.
Software manager energy consumption features for free

Software manager energy consumption features
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